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Services and Programs offered

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Training & Development: Create you own proprietary training program

Do you need to develop or refine your training materials? This service involves gathering your proprietary practices, procedures/policies and developing your own branded materials for your company to use in house. Training can be targeted for various job levels including hourly, management and staff positions. Materials can be combined with platforms such as Ready Training Online (RTO) to provide video and employee completion tracking.

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Training & Development: Workshops

Do you want to increase your employees skills/knowledge in specific areas? Having facilitated over 50 different modules, InStore Profits can offer standard workshops for such topics as Customer Service, Merchandising, Shortage Controls, Labor Management and more. In Store Profits can also develop custom modules/workshops based on your desired content and facilitate them for direct operated or dealer locations. Modules can be delivered in person or in a virtual ZOOM format.

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Training & Development: District Manager Coaching 

Could your District or Territory Managers benefit from having a more organized approach to Store visits in specific ways? Having real world expertise, by managing over 50 field staff professionals, InStore Profits can work with your District or Territory Managers to assess capabilities, develop an action plans with metrics and follow up one on one to move your people to greater levels in their contributions to your organization.

Office Conversation
Operational Consulting: 360 Assessments

How do your sites stack up? Are you leaving money on the table? Using a standard tool developed with many years experience, InStore Profits can visit you locations, assess critical points of execution, and make specific action-orientated recommendations for improvement. Assessments can include critical areas such as People, Customer Experience, Merchandising, Operational Controls, Training, Labor usage, Performance Management frameworks and more.

Data Reviewing
Operational Consulting: Deep Dives

Do you have one area you really want to improve? If you have basic data, InStore Profits can dig deeper into location profitability in areas such as Sales/Category performance, promotional reviews, Labor, Shortage, expense, or fuel pricing depending on your needs.

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Programs & Projects: Bonus Programs

Do you have an existing bonus program for employees or dealers that needs revamped or wish to start a new one? We can help design, launch, and then measure program effectiveness. Many programs are well intended, but one key clue is do your people really know how their current bonus is tracking? If not, you may just have a supplemental pay program that doesn't drive incremental performance gains. InStore Profits can help you change that.

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Programs & Projects: Mystery Shops

Looking at launching an in house mystery shop program to measure customer experience and store conditions? Or perhaps you want an age restricted product program to minimize costly municipal stings. InStore Profits can help you design, implement, and rollout such programs in partnership with your chosen service providers.

Data Reviewing
Programs & Projects: Others

Do you have other programs or projects that are operations or marketing oriented that you wish to develop and launch?  This could include app-based store visit evaluations, employee surveys, recruiting materials development and more. With professional project management training and experience, we can help.

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